About Us

Your social network accounts, activities, and friend referrals are worth a billion dollars.


We will help you to maintain control of your data and how it is used in the future.


Become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world.

The Problem

Do you think you deserve better privacy protection?

Do you think you deserve to gain a profit from your data?

Are you really in control of your data? Is there some way to benefit from it?

The Solution

The Wechain Network is built based on blockchain technology.Your data will be backed-up safely and securely onto our masternodes.

You can control your data by using "Sharing Keys". We use a smart contract to create two types of sharing keys. The first is a smart contract for user-to-user, and the second is a smart contract for user-to- advertising companies.

You can receive WCN from ads just by clicking on and viewing the ads. We want to help you to enjoy some benefits whenever you choose to share your data.

By holding WCN tokens, you will receive WCN from each and every ad contract according to the amount of your WCN. We share 100% of the value with our community.

How to work


Name of token

Wechain Network



Total Supply

10,000,000,000 WCN

Token for sale

4,500,000,000 WCN

Base Price

1 ETH = 100,000 WCN

Token Standard

ERC20 Standard


5,000 ETH


25,000 ETH

Token Distribution

Funds Distribution


Q1 2017

Wechain Network founded

Q2 2017

Start to creat social network platform on the blockchain technology

Q3 2017

Developement of "sharing key":  smartcontract for user-user and user-ads

Q4 2017

Start to developement launch of desktop and mobile

Q1 2018

Introduce of an API for use to register

Q2 2018

Groundwork prepare for ICO Private Sales ICO

Q3 2018

Marketting and Public Sales ICO

Q4 2018

Launch of desktop and mobile Anphal Versions of publishers. Listing WCN token on the exchanges

Q1 2019

Connect to backup data to masternodes

Q2 2019

Launch of Beta Versions

Q3 2019

Release of initial Versions


What is Wechain Networks?

Wechain Networks is a global Decentralized Social Networks on the blockchain and smartcontract to help users control their sharing data.

What is WCN token? Where and how can I purchase it?

WCN is a payment token that is used payment services within the Wechain Network Ecosystem.It can be purchased at the token saleat http:\\wechain.network with starts on July 15,2018.The base price: 1ETH= 100.000 WCN. Early participants of the token sale are cligibale to receive abonus up to 50%.

When WCN hit the exchanges?

WCN will hit the exchange approximately a month after the Crowd Sale. We  aim to make it tradeable on at least 4-5 exchanges.

Are there any restrictions that involve aminimum or a maximum transuction limit?

During the token sale, the minimum transaction limit is set to 0.1 ETH equivalent. The maximum transaction limit is set to 10 ETH.

Is the a KYC process involved?

Yes. In order to have the tokens deposited to your Ethereum wallet at the end of the Token Sale, it is necessary to pass the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) validation.

Do you have referral program?

Yes. You can earn benefits for telling your friends about our project. Our  referral program gives you a chance to receive bonus tokens amounting to 5% of of the amount of tokens your referrals purchase. You can find your personal referral link on your dashboard on the website at http:\\wechain.network . You can also track the following statistics there: a) how many referrals registered using your link b) how many referrals purchased tokens c) how many tokens you received through referrals. The more investors join the project through our collective effort, the more successful it will be!

What will happen to the unsold token?

All tokens unsold during the Token Sale will be burned.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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